Cleverpet Review

Kwinten Alexander
May 16, 2019

CleverPet is a new, interactive learning console for training and keeping your dog engaged indoors.

Originally, dogs were domesticated for working and when most modern dogs are left all by themselves at home with little to do they tend to get lonely and bored thus leading to destructive behavior. The console aims to help your dog to continue learning while you are away from your home.

The console helps to keep your furry friend happy and engaged and this in turn helps to get rid of negative behavior. It can also help to train your dog to understand that rewards are attached to positive behavior. As the dog progresses, the levels also become more challenging. The console adjusts the levels in real time depending on the performance of your pet.

How Does CleverPet Work?

The console uses revolutionary algorithms that are based on behavioral science to reward your pet once he or she learns something new. It comes with 3 sensitive touch pads designed to respond to the paw or nose of your dog. The touch pad lights up creating an interactive game with different levels that reward the dog with treats/food once he or she follows the instructions.

The console is fully automated and you can leave it on all day while you are away from the house. It carries sufficient food to feed the dog when you are away from your house. It is like a combination of a game and a high-tech slow feeder. Being a slow feeder, the console will help keep your dog healthier. This is currently the only device that can interact with your pet in such a autonomous and comprehensive way.

Another great feature that comes with the console is that you can use an app to set a schedule to see the progress of your dog in real time. The greatest thing about it is perhaps its sleek design. The console offers a wide variety of interactive games for your dog to enjoy.

Some Levels That You Can Teach Your Dog Include:

Doggie DDR: For the dog to get a treat he or she has to press the first button that lights up then the button that lights up next and so on. As the dog gets better, the number of buttons he or she has to press in a row increases.

One Of The Lights Is Not Like The Other: All the 3 pads light up. Two of the pads are in one color but the third is in a different color. The dog then needs to press the pad of the different color.

Notice The Change: The pad remains yellow … then it is blue. When it is blue the dog needs to press it.

Quick Reaction: The middle pad lights up and the dog has to press it before it turns off.  As the game progresses the time period grows increasingly shorter.


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Here are some of the features that you will find in the console:

Dog-Friendly– The console has durable rubber touch pads, a microphone for sensing the barks of the dog, a low center of gravity to avoid tipping, as well as no “bitable” parts. Injury prevention is a crucial check in any pet toy review.

Smart Dog Bowl– The console can replace your dog’s regular food bowl. It can hold enough food to feed most dog and dog breeds until you reach home. It is also compatible with a wide variety of dry food sizes.

Remote Monitoring– You get to witness the progress of your pet in real time through the app and website and view a summary of the learning of your dog over time.

Wi-Fi Connected– The console can connect to other smart devices. You can just picture the possibilities.

Never Boring– The console continually adapts to the responses of your dog to keep him or she challenged.

Totally Autonomous– Just sit back and allow the advanced algorithms to do their work. Just fill the console with food, leave it on, and leave with the understanding that your dog is learning and having fun while you are away.

Tuned Into Dogs’ Senses– The console is built to suit the natural behavior of dogs such as digging and pawing and includes sounds and lights designed for your dog’s ability to hear and see.


CleverPet is truly a revolutionary device that will help your beloved pet learn and have some fun while you are away from him or her. Based on the information provided in this article it is quite clear that if your pet doesn’t already have one, you need to go out there and buy your dog a CleverPet.