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Barkbox Review

What does it mean to be good dog owner?

Everyone can buy a dog, but not everyone takes good care of their dog.

Most modern dogs get way too little exercise and play time. According to the ASPCA, the average owner spends only 1 hour of playtime with their dog, every day. The rest of the time, dogs are sitting at home, getting bored and frustrated.

Or they just get lethargic and don’t care about anything anymore.

​Toys are the best way to keep a dog from this terrible fate. A good toy leads to physical exercise, mental challenges, and satisfaction.

But toys are not cheap. And our dogs can be picky and destructive. In short, we need an almost endless supply of toys. And we need them to be fun and interesting for our dogs. Meet the awesomeness of dog subscription boxes:

​What Is Barkbox?

This monthly subscription box full of toys and treats is specially crafted to keep a dog interested. A team of specialist packs 2 durable toys and 2 types of dog treats in monthly boxes. And then they send the box over to your house. You use the time you would spend on getting new toys to actually play with your dog. And you save money because the box worth is always greater than the cost. (Psssst: you can save even more with our special box coupons elsewhere in this article). The Subscription Plans Barkbox comes in different plans to meet the needs of different sized dogs and super chewer options:

  • Barkbox Small
  • Barkbox Medium
  • Medium for Super Chewers
  • Barkbox Large
  • Large for  Super Chewers

How We Tested The Barkbox Subscription Boxes

barkbox review test subject One of our friends has an extremely picky dog. Meet Bert, a ​Shar Pei that is as picky as he is cute.

He pulls up his wrinkly nose to most toys, and never plays with anything for more that a day. Ow, and he wants monthly surprises like no other.We decided to see how Bert would respond to 4 months of premium toys from the Bark box medium (that's the best sized box available for him).

Month 1 - First Barkbox Arrives

​For our first month, the theme of this months barkbox was “Home for the Holidays,” because of Thanksgiving. When we opened the first of 4 boxes for dogs, there were a lot of things inside;

  • Bark & Co Single Roll Poop Bag
  • Pipsqueak Pup Chicken Jerky
  • Plush Turkey Toy
  • Lick The Chef Apron
  • Nature’s Bits Turpumpkin Treats
  • Pig Ear Chew

The value of these items combined is around $40, which is a lot more than the price of the subscription month plan.So we tested all these things on Bert during the month. Some of these things we have seen around the local pet store, but many are entirely new. The only thing that Bert didn’t take to was the apron. Some dogs are used to being dressed up, and some are not. Bert is one of the latter kind and doesn’t like anything other than his collar on him.So there was no need to go to the pet store this month. And Bert was pretty happy, except when he was made to wear an apron:)

Month 2 - What's In The Next?

​After the success of the first month, we were ripping the package open to see what surprise BarkBox would contain. This time the theme was “Lodge Life”. Bert was trying to put his nose in the box from the moment it arrived.

  • Stella the Snow Bunny
  • Hugo’s Hot Cocoa
  • Duck Party Platter
  • Nice Jerky Bites Chicken and Duck
  • Dynamo Butcher’s Block Beef Chew

Again the value of all the items combined was around $40, which makes it a great deal, if you are getting good responses to these boxes for dogs.

Bert mostly appreciated these months contents. He enjoyed the treats, which were all gone after the first week. He is however very picky when it comes to plush toys. The snow bunny was a favorite, but the cup of chocolate not. I guess Bert is more of a coffee kind of guy.

​Month 3 - Monthly ​Bag Of ​Treats ​New Toys

​This month’s dogs subscription theme turned out to be “Pup in the Air”. Let’s see what gifts we are getting this time. After the success of the previous boxes, We are becoming used to this excitement at the beginning of the month.

  • Snack Rings with Lamb & Cheddar
  • Squeakin on a Jet Plane Toy
  • Crunchy Duck Chew
  • Suitcase Toy
  • Farm Fresh Chicken, Pea, Kale & Quinoa

These treats are not only delicious, at least to our dog, they are also very healthy. Barkbox fills it's gift boxes with treats that have only natural ingredients, and most are also from 100% organic origins. I think it’s every pet owner's duty to make sure that their pets get only healthy and safe food. Dogs cannot read the ingredients list and just have to trust us to give them good food.

​​Month 4 - We Are Getting Addicted To The Bark box

​nother month, another theme. This time it’s Sniffin Safari. So far these themes have been an excellent way to start the month, there is always something funny to be found. Let’s see what our monthly subscription holds.

  • Lamb and Sweet Potato Trainers
  • Koha Pork Jerky Bites
  • Chewfasa The Lion
  • Butcher’s Block Krunchie Tubes
  • Dr. Licking Stone Plush toy

Bert was euphoric this month. The treats were very much appreciated, and the toys were great too. Bert was especially excited about the Lion toy. He spent days dragging it around, violently shaking it between his jaws, or just barking at it.


  • Bert is enjoying his barkbox subscription. The guys at bark box have managed to surprise him a few times, and that is not easy.
  • We saved a lot of time compared to searching the web, Amazon, or the pet store.
  • Over these 4 months, we received around $160 worth of toys and treats for $126. We earned $44 by doing less!

If you are ready to get great toys and treat delivered straight to your door, get the Barkbox subscription now. We have an exclusive coupon code available if you want to subscribe to barkbox today.

​After you sign up you can sit back and watch your dog subscription box arrive the 15th of the next month. ​Then the party begins...

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