Dog Care | By Kwinten Alexander | Jun 30, 2019

10 Vacation Essential Checklist for Your Dog

Dogs love to go for rides. A dog will happily get into any vehicle going anywhere. – Dave Barry

So, you’re heading on vacation, and want to bring your pup with you. Before you take off, make sure your canine friend has everything she needs to make her travels safe and comfy.

Here are is the top 10 dog packing list, including a few items you may have even overlooked.

  1. Plenty of dog food, and bowls. Both REI and L.L. Bean carry easily stowed, and even collapsible dog bowls. And if you're driving a long distance, plenty of water for the ride.

  2. Medications. Warmer weather and verdant woods provide the perfect breeding environment for ticks. Keep our four-legged friends free from Lyme disease, and stay consistent with monthly dosing of Frontline, or other flea and tick medicine.  A flea and tick collar provides an extra layer of protection. Likewise, bring anti-anxiety meds or Thunder Shirts for those loud July 4 celebrations and summer thunder storms, which can disturb even the most easygoing pup.

    Those woods look inviting, but are full of ticks. Check your pup if you're ruuning or playing in wooded areas.

  3. **Medical records. ** Just like pet parents, your favorite canine is not immune from an illness or mishap on vacation.   Store a photo of her records on your mobile phone, or keep a hard copy on hand. This makes treatment – a life -- easier and your pet will avoid any unneeded treatment by having the most current health history if visiting a new vet.

  4. Beds and toys.  We all like the familiar. Your pup will appreciate sleeping in her own bed or favorite blanket.  Bring on the chew toys, frisbees, tennis balls, and whatever else makes vacation more fun.

  5. Collars, leashes, and tags. If your pet has a microchip, make sure it’s up-to-date. If she doesn’t have a microchip, maybe it’s time to get one. This little GPS system helps you keep tabs on your dog should you become separated in a strange place.

    Samantha and Penny Lane settle in after a long ride to New Orleans

  6. A first aid kit.  This includes antiseptic wipes, adages antiseptic spray scissors, tweezers during the splinters, or an embedded tick. Syptic pencils are a must for any bleeding after nail clipping.

  7. Plenty of treats. Enough said.

  8. A crate, or safety constraints to keep your dog safe on the road.

  9. Poop bags. Because on vacation, as in the rest of life, poop happens.

  10. Photos of your dog. If you lose each other, it’s good to have visual confirmation that you belong to each other. It helps to have photos of you with your pet without anyone else in the frame she was sure you are indeed the fur parent. In case she ends up in a shelter or animal control, it will prove you are the owner.

What can't  you and your pet live without on vacation? Let us know,  and please share your photos with us on Instagram.  Happy travels.