Reviewing The Petzi Treat Cam

Kwinten Alexander
Aug 8, 2019

Petzi Treat Cam is a device to see, talk and treat your dog at home with a smartphone app while you are away. It’s currently the cheapest available device in this category.

About A Dog

Let me share a little story about Dee to show you how this device can help pets and owners.

Dee was a young miniature Schnauzer that was hoping for better times in a local shelter. Her owner had treated her badly as a puppy and left her in a forest after a year because he couldn’t sell her. Dee did recover really well physically because of the great care from the shelter staff. But some wounds would turn out to run much deeper

After a couple of months in the shelter, Dee got lucky. A nice couple (Sheila and Martin) were looking for a dog and fell in love. They brought her home and welcomed her with all they could. The little dog adjusted to the new household very quickly and became a part of the couples lives.

During those times Sheila was home because she was working on her PhD. When she got a job and had to leave the house things got much more difficult. Already after the first day alone, Dee had destroyed 3 shoes and defecated on the couch. The neighbors told them the dog had been howling and barking throughout the day.

In the morning, when Sheila and Martin were preparing to go to work, Dee would bark and howl and run around like crazy. They thought that it would be matter of adjustment. Surely the dog would adjust and calm down after a week or two. So they protected the valuable items in their house and tried to ignore the anxious behavior.

Dee didn’t adjust however, her stress seemed to actually get worse and also affect her when the couple was home. When Sheila saw the Petzi Treat Cam she decided to give it a try.

Petzi Treat Cam Gives You 3 Ways To Communicate With Your Dog From Anywhere With Just A Smartphone

The Petzi Treat Cam is a new interactive device that will allow you to have some interaction with the animal even while away from home. The camera and treat mechanism are connected to your home WiFi and can be controlled by an app. The housing is shaped very elegantly so it can be used in any part of the house without attracting a lot of attention.

The only thing you will need to communicate with your dog or cat is a mobile device. You can use any smart phone or tablet to connect and initiate interactions. You will have complete control over the device, including what is shared on social media.

The current iteration of the product allows pet owners to interact with their animals in four ways: see, speak, snap and treat. More options are likely forthcoming in future models.

First: See What Is Going On

The first feature, see allows you to keep an eye out on your home when you are away. You will know what your animal is up to when you are not around and can make any necessary adjustments accordingly.

Second: Talk To Your Dog

For instance, if you notice that your dog is on the verge of misbehavior, you can utilize the second feature, speak. Simply hearing your voice is likely to stop the animal right there. Of course, you don’t have to wait for disobedience to speak to your pet. In fact, you can help them to feel calm and loved even while you are away by allowing them to hear your voice.

Third: Cookies Never Fail

Treat, the fourth feature, is probably the favorite for the pet. With this one, you can have it deliver a preloaded treat whenever you say. This is a great way to distract an animal on the verge of getting into a mess. The treat launcher is simple to use and will give you the joy of showing your dog or cat how much you care even if you cannot hand feed the treat yourself. It will accept dry treats less than an inch in diameter.

Extra: Create Lasting Memories

The third feature, snap lets you get pictures of the pet and anything else in the path of the lens. You can get great photos to show what your pets do when you have to go earn the kibble! You can easily share them utilizing the included app so that your friends and family can see as well.

Back to Dee

The next day, Sheila logged into the Petzi app from her smartphone and felt heartbroken. She saw how the dog was continuously  checking the front and back door for her owners to arrive. Dee just couldn’t stand to be left alone anymore and was tearing up herself and her owners lives.

But when Sheila used the built-in speaker and said a few words to the dog, everything changed. Dee stopped dead in her tracks and started looking where that voice came from. Sheila kept saying calming words and Dee found where the camera was located. The treat that came from the box was first sniffed with much apprehension. But dogs are powerless against cookies so that apprehension didn’t last long.

Now Dee and her owners are much happier. A couple of times a day, Sheila and Martin get the joy of seeing their dog from work. And Dee is much more relaxed, both at home alone as well as with company.

Try Without Risk

Petzi offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the Treat Cam because they are confident in the product and how it can benefit families. Additionally, it has a one-year warranty.If you love your cat or dog and would like to be better connected when you are not at home, the Petzi Treat Cam will allow you to interact and show love through the easy to use app.