GPS Dog Collars

Kwinten Alexander
Mar 30, 2019

As the world continues to embrace new technology, more companies are  manufacturing tracking and monitoring devices to keep pets safe and  healthy. A particular device that has gained popularity is the GPS dog  collar. These devices are available in a variety of sizes and design  making it possible for people to find an ideal option for their beloved  pet. However, the question many ask is do GPS dog collars really work?  Having a close look at some of the things that can be accomplished by  these dog collars may be key to inspiring you to get one for your own  dog.

Uses of GPS dog collars

GPS dog collars are generally designed to help dog owners determine  exactly where their pet may be. The collars often have an attached  gadget that features a SIM card and a waterproof GPS device. This collar is then connected to the dog owner’s smartphone or  computer through tracking software. Whenever an individual wants to know  where the dog is, they can simply log into the app and find out the  exact location of their pet.

Some GPS devices allow dog owners to set perimeters for their pets.  While this may not keep the dogs close by, an alert is promptly sent to  the owner’s smartphone or computer the minute the dog goes out of the  perimeter. This virtual perimeter technology is meant to determine if  the dog is going too far away from home or when it gets to dangerous  areas such as roads or rivers.

Extra Features for Tracking a Pet’s Health

Some GPS dog collars are equipped with tech gadgets that can monitor  the pet’s health. The gadget records the pet’s heart rate, respiration,  calories, activity, posture and pulse. The device then analyzes it to  determine whether the dog is in good health or if it needs medical  attention. When owners present this data to a veterinarian, the professional can quickly go through it and know exactly what may be ailing the pet.

The following video show a GPS collar with activity monitoring.

Another important use of GPS dog collars regards keeping the pets safe.  Dogs that live near rivers or water bodies may sometimes get curious and  wander off into the waters. This may present the danger of drowning or  getting hurt by other creatures. The GPS device can send signals to the  owner indicating if the dog is in danger of drowning or stuck in a given  position for too long.

Dog with GPS tracker in the water

Exotic Extra’s

There are some GPS dog collars that have integrated sound speakers.  This means you can give commands to your dog from a remote location. If  by chance the dog is wandering off too far, you can simply grab your  smartphone and issue a command for the pet to come back home. In case  the dog gets lost, owners can remotely turn on light’s on the dog’s  collar. This makes it easier to find a lost dog during the night.

Points to note before purchasing GPS dog collars

So GPS collars can clearly help with finding lost dogs. As long as  the device is sturdy and well attached to the animal, you have a great  way to find your pet. Plus you can get added features for tracking your  pet’s health and even talking to them. Whether you need these is up to  you.

Many different brands sell GPS collars for dogs now and they can be  of varying quality and price. Before settling on a collar, find out  about the company that has manufactured it. This will help you know  whether it is a trusted brand or not.

There are a number of products in the market and choosing the most  ideal may prove confusing. That is why you need to look into each  product and the tasks it is able to achieve before purchase. Buy GPS dog  collars that have a warranty to ensure you enjoy its benefits for a  prolonged period of time.