Icpooch Review

Kwinten Alexander
Mar 2, 2019

If you’re like most dog lovers, you worry about your best friend several  times a day.  Is he lonely without you, and does he have enough to eat?  Well, thanks to a 12 year old Shark Tank entrepreneur named Brooke  Martin, you can now chat with your dog as often as you’d like with her  great invention called iCPooch. It uses a video interface so your dog  can see you and hear your voice at the same time. Then, you can reward  your dog with a treat at any time. The hookup is two-way, so if your  dog, or cat, likes to talk back you can hear them using your smartphone  or tablet from anywhere on earth. Here is a quick overview an iCPooch  review to help you get the idea of what this great invention can do.

You Can Also Use Two Way Chat From A Desktop Or Laptop Computer

While reviewing the IcPooch we were able to use both smartphone and laptop to check in on our dog

 The original version of iCPooch was only for the iPhone and Tablet  computer, but now there is a free application that also works through a  web browser and any desktop or laptop computer. This allows you to keep  your best friend happy anytime you aren’t at home.

As we all know, our dogs spend most of the day sleeping and wondering  when we’re going to walk through the door and greet them with a big  hug. No matter how long you’ve been gone, or where you’ve been, they’re  always right there at the door with a huge smile and wagging tail. This  automated treat dispenser gives every pet owner the ability to interact  from their smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop computer as many times  as they want with their favorite pet.

Many People Think It Looks Like A Giant Pez Dispenser

Bernese mountain dog talking to owner on the IcPooch

 Those  of us that remember Pez candy dispensers will agree that there is some  similarity to the iCPooch in looks. But,these treat dispensers also have  the ability to connect to either a Wi-Fi connection or cell phone  signal in the home. Of course, care must be taken to make sure a strong  signal is able to be received at the point of placement in order to make  sure the device is well connected.

The free app to run the dispenser can be downloaded from the Google Play store if you have an Android type phone, or directly from the Apple App store if you happen to have any apple device, such as a tablet, Kindle,or  iPhone.Set up is very easy, and the website has several helpful video  tutorials to help explain everything with easy to understand  instructions.

Remember though, the computer installed in the iCPooch is only for  running the dispenser and connecting to Wi-Fi, but isn’t set up to do  the video chat without the addition of a tablet or smartphone. The video  display, microphone, and speaker all need to be provided by the user in  order to keep the price low. The software and app work to control both  the computer in the iCPooch and video display device to coordinate the  treat delivery and the video chat.

The tablet or iPhone on the pet’s end of the conversation doesn’t  need to be held in the convenient holder built into the iCPooch, it can  be placed anywhere in the home, preferably perched where its camera can  see the treats being dispensed.

The iCPooch Can Dispense Many Different Sizes Of Treats

IcPooch dispensing treats during our review.

The dispenser has an interior sleeve that can be made to handle  almost any kind of treat, both cookie-type and jerky-type as well. There  are even small plastic dishes to dispense kibble-type treats, then the  dishes will automatically stack to make room for the next treat  delivery.

Almost any round or square treat will work, there are teats you can  buy especially for the dispenser online or at many of the retailers that  handle the dispenser. The larger sleeve holds treats up to about 2″  long, which is adequate for nearly all of the most common treats sold at  the super market. Find out more in our post on Icpooch Treats.

When reading the many iCPooch reviews online it’s clear that it is a  huge winner with most people. There was some grumbling at the original  launch because the system wouldn’t work with laptops or desktops, but  that has now been corrected. Nearly all of the verified purchasers  reviewing the dispenser raved about the fantastic customer service, so  if keeping in touch with your pooch all day is of value to you, you  should definitely give this product a shot.

Using The Icpooch to Play With Your Dog From Anywhere

You might have seen the Icpooch on Kickstarter. Or on the  legendary episode of Shark Tank where a 12 Year old girl got massive  funding. It is a great device to monitor and play with your pet from  anywhere. So anybody is keen to stay in touch with their cat or dog  should take a look at the Icpooch. It’s works like a Skype for your pet.  You place a camera with video screen on the ground and then the fun  starts. The device is controlled through a smartphone or tablet app.

Setting up the Icpooch app.

Step 1, Create Account

You can find the app in the Google Play store or Apple App store. It  downloads and install itself in a few seconds. Once you have done that  you need to open the app to get started. First you have to create an  account by filling in your name, email and creating a password. (Make  sure to choose a nice password and remember it). You need to create an  account in order to be able to access the Icpooch from anywhere.

Step 2, Connect The Device To The Internet

After you created the account you need to get the device connected to  the internet. The configuration is done through your smartphone. First  you enter the information for you WIFI (name and password) in the app.  Then the app will send it to you Icpooch device. You simply hold the  phone with the screen to the bottom of the camera and the information is  send. After doing this you might have to wait a bit for your Icpooch to  update.

Step 3, Test The Connection

If  everything went well then you are now able to get a view from the  camera through your smartphone. Now you need to test the voice  transmission and treat dispensing. This is very easy, just put in next  to your friend or family member and talk to them from a distance. You  can also dispense a few treats for them:)


If you have multiple devices connected to your Icpooch you can make  free video call between them. This option becomes available whenever you  have two or more compatible devices connected. It’s pretty cool, even  though you probably already have a free video calling functionality on  your phone or tablet.

You can use many different treats in the Icpooch, as long as they  have the correct size and are not too sticky. Of course there are the  usual dog treats that are you get from every pet store. But you can also  change it up a little to keep your pet interested. The Icpooch just  throws out the object, whatever it is. So you might be able to fit a  small squeaky toy in it.

Or put the device high on a closet and fill it with bouncing balls.  Your cat or dog won’t know what hit them. Have fun with experimenting.

Hopefully this post helped you to set up your Icpooch app and have a  ton of fun with it. You can check out the site for more info, reviews  and tips on the Icpooch pet video with treat dispenser.

Have you ever wanted to comfort your lonely pet when you  were away from home? Then you have probably heard of the Icpooch. It  allows you to Skype with your dog from anywhere in the world. And on top  of that you can dispense treats at the push of a button. In another  post we looked at all the all the nice functionality of the Icpooch.  Here we are going to take a look at the treats specifically

Treat requirements

The Icpooch dispenses treats from a tray that can hold a multiple of treats depending on their size. Two trays are available

You can use a lot of different treats with the Icpooch. They can be  shaped like round or square cookies, or like kibbles for smaller pets.  The treats are stored in an internal sleeve inside the device. The  smaller kind of treats can be stored inside little containers that stack  in the sleeve to make sure they can dispensed correctly.

The cookies style treats can be loaded without any  extra measures on  top of each other. Any kind of cookies can be used as long as they are  relatively even shaped. You will be able to give you dog the cookies  they prefer.

Sizes of different cookies for the IcPooch compared

Icpooch has two different sized sleeves that allow you to deliver the following sized cookies:

  • Large: cookies that fit inside a circle of 1.75 to 2″ diameter. With  a thickness of approzimately .25″ you can fit around 15 cookies in the  container.
  • Small: cookies that fit inside a circle of .8 to 1″ diameter.  Because the height of the container is the same you can also fit around  15 cookies in this container too.

The dish containers for smaller treats fit inside the larger of the  two sleeves. These are also stacked on top of each other. It’s possible  to fit 15 of these in the Icpooch sleeve too.

A few tips regarding Icpooch treats

You don’t want your dog to be able to raid the cookie jar.

Some dogs are very resourceful when it comes to finding their  cookies. I have seen them climb onto tables and open closet doors. It  won’t take long before your dog knows where the treats are. So if your  dog has destructive tendencies it is safest to place you Icpooch in a  location that is unreachable by your dog. You can do this by placing it  on a shelf or in an open closet. When you remove the front tray the  treats just fall to the ground.

You can make your own treats.

Homemade cookies coming out of IcPooch when we reviewed it.

The  Icpooch will dispense anything that has the right size. Every pet has  their favorite treats, that make them really go wild. And just like  humans, some pets don’t like manufactured food that much. So if yours is  more into home cooking you can make your own treat. Just shape them to  fit in either of the Icpooch’s containers and make sure they are not too  sticky. Then you can dispense anything.

Hopefully this post gives you some extra information about the treats  for your Icpooch. And if you have any good or bad experiences or tips,  leave them in the comments. We are always looking forward to some  interaction.

Psychologists have long understood how important it is  for us humans to have pets around the house to talk to. Elderly people  and others that live alone have been shown to live happier, longer and  healthier lives when they have a dog or cat that they can take care of  and talk to throughout the day. Now, research is also showing how  important it is for dogs to hear your voice and listen to your words  every so often all day long.

The Precious Time You Have Together Makes You Both Healthier

As we go through our lives there are plenty of distractions to keep  us occupied like work, family, vacations, and relationships, but if you  have a dog you love, you know it will be right by the door waiting for  you when you get home.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk to your dog, anytime during  the day when you’re feeling like you need a happy smiling face? Well,  there is now a product called Icpooch that can do just that, your dog’s  big grin is as close as your iPhone or computer anytime you need a  pick-me-up, and your dog will appreciate it too.

Remember, you don’t need any specific reason to call your furry  friend several times per day, but if it makes you feel better, do it for  your dog and his good health, you’ll feel better too, and you’ll work  better and be happier all with just a phone call.

Icpooch Is A Revolutionary Game Changing Product We All Need

This amazing product was invented by a young teenager that originally  sought financing through an Icpooch Kickstarter program. It gives the  away-from-home pet owner the opportunity to get two-way face time with  their dog anytime and from anywhere with just a phone call.

The cool thing about this product is that not only can you see and  hear your dog, your dog can see and hear you as well. Then, when the  conversation is over, you can dispense a treat from the Icpooch  dispenser. It actually looks similar to a large Pez dispenser and it  holds a tablet computer or iPhone in its adjustable brackets that serve  as the speaker, microphone, and video deliverer.

The dispenser in the Icpooch is adjustable to deliver large doggy  treats, medium sized treats and even has stackable tiny bowls that can  hold kibble treats too. You’ll be able to see your dog receive the  treats almost instantly when you hit the button.

When 14 Year Old Brook Martin Started Her Quest She Had No Idea Of Its Demand

Brooke originally began thinking of the Icpooch because her own dog was  suffering from separation anxiety and needed to hear her comforting  voice to settle down. She started her Icpooch Kickstarter campaign and  realized there was a huge demand for the product due to the millions of  humans suffering from separation anxiety from their pets.

Now, with the Icpooch widely available online and at pet stores around  the country, millions of pet owners are able to do their jobs at work  and not worry all day long about their pooch. At the same time, Fido  gets a little emotional boost several times a day while providing  emotional comfort to his human.