Puppod Review

Kwinten Alexander
Apr 18, 2019

Most dog owners don’t just believe that their dogs are aware, they know it. Regardless of what others may say about dogs simply being just another species of animal, dog owners know that their dogs are sentient beings.

Dogs experience emotions that range from joy to sadness to anger and boredom. According to recent scientific studies, dogs have the capacity for over 100 vocabulary words of their human owner’s language. As for their intellectual capacity, they have what closely resembles that of a 2 and ½-year-old human child’s when they are full grown.

Puppod to the Rescue

If you are a dog owner who wants to give your dog the very best in life and you want to give this family member as enriched a life as possible, you will want to give him Puppod. This interactive toy device lets dogs have lots of fun all while getting a chance to learn at the same time.

The developers of this toy believe that dogs are smart but their toy options are not. With Puppod, the dog gets to play with the Puppod toy which alerts him or her when he has done the correct job and can go over to the treat dispenser device that comes with Puppod to get a snack.

Owners can relax at work knowing that while they are away they have Puppod to entertain and engage their dogs. They can use a mobile app to display videos of their dog enjoying playing with the toy. They can also get stats on how many treats the dog has had and set limits on the treat dispenser amounts remotely if they wish.

The treat dispenser can double as a meal dispenser. If you are going to be late coming home from your job you can fill your dog’s Puppod treat dispenser with kibble so that he or she can enjoy a meal before you get home.

Tests Have Been Very Positive

The dogs who have tested the toy have been found to be able to quickly made the connection between the “kong” type device and the treat dispenser. The dog has to be able to look at the two eyes on the Puppod and when that happens, an alert sounds indicating that it is time to get a treat from the dispenser.

The Puppod keeps the dog busy and distracted for long days without his or her owner. There are different levels at which the dog can play so there are always challenges. These devices have been helpful for training dogs with the owners present and they are excellent for helping dogs overcome emotional problems and anxiety. The toy helps improve any dog’s confidence and skills.

Only Pre-orders for Now

Currently you can only pre-order the device as the product is still at an early stage. If you do, your dog is sure learn more skills, improve confidence and get exercise. If you want to wait until more testing and refinement has been done, then check back with us soon. This device looks like one of the most promising among these new type of smart dog toys and we are going to test, investigate and write more about it.