Pawbo Review

Kwinten Alexander
Apr 11, 2019

As you have likely noticed, the market for pet monitoring devices is really starting to blow up.  The features of these devices are as diverse as are their price and quality.  One product that sticks out as a top option is the Pawbo which we will review here.

Users are pretty much all saying the same thing, it offers everything that a pet owner could want for a very reasonable price. It gets an average rating of 4.7 on Amazon. This is not an easy feat for any product, let alone one that is so new and offers so many bells whistles.

So let’s take a look

What does it do?

The main aspect of the device is that it is a pet cam.  The camera is two way so you can see your pet and your pet can see you no matter where you are.  It runs on WiFi so as long as you have internet available you can interact in real time with your precious pet. With a resolution of 720P and a good quality lens the image is extremely clear.

Who is it for?

If you are not able to keep an eye on your pet as often as you like it also has the ability to record video and store it in a Dropbox.  This way you have the ability to look back at how your pet has been doing at any time.  This is especially useful if your pet has been exhibiting behavior issues, destructive behavior or if you are simply just concerned about your pet’s general level of happiness. Pawbo does not provide the cloud storage itself. You need to sign up or use your own Dropbox account, which is free for a reasonable amount of space.

A feature that many pet owners will enjoy is direct sharing. After integrating the app with your favorite Social media account you can easily post images and videos of your pets playing. If you love watching and posting cute footage of cats or dogs then you will definitely enjoy the convenience of this feature. It is something that competing Smart Pet Toys also have and basically essential in this day and age.

Another cuteness factor is that this device has the ability to encourage play for your pet. The game on offer is chasing the laser pointer. Many cats and also dogs are very susceptible to the moving dot of light and you have probably seen the crazy moves they make.

It is however not the most long term game and gets boring pretty fast, mostly for the person operating the laser pointer. But it works really well to wake up your cat or dog and give them a quick workout. As a pet owner it is easy to feel guilty that you are not able to be home often to play with your pet and keep them active.

Why You Might Want it

One of the very best features is its ability to encourage your pet to come and interact with you because this product will dispense treats upon your demand. This provides your beloved pet with positive reinforcement to come to the device to interact with you and gives you the opportunity to spoil them when you can not be there with them physically.  In very little time your pet will come running when they hear the sound of your voice, knowing that they get to spend a little time with you and get a delicious treat.

The Pawbo is a total game changer by allowing you to interact with your pet while you are away. It is not the only device to do this as you can see on our site. But it has all the main features that competitors have and is among the cheapest of them.

The setup of the Pawbo was very straight forward for us. We did have to adhere to these things:

  • Use it with the 2.4 Ghz WiFi
  • Make sure to have the password set to WPa2 encryption
  • Make sure to only use alphabet characters in the password.

Beyond that everything worked very smooth. The app interface speaks for itself although it can be useful to take a look at the

Why you might not want it

This review is already a little outdated as right now the improved version of the Pawbo is being introduced. The small startup has been “integrated” by Acer and this allows for a lot more financial backing plus solid hard- and software. This means it has now a lot more features for interacting with your pets.