Wizdog vs Ugodog

Kwinten Alexander
Aug 21, 2020

UPDATE: Both the Ugodog and Wizdog are currently unavailable in stores. We are working on a new article about potty training. This one is only left for reference.

I used to hate potty training. I mean, I love puppies. But cleaning up pee and shit, all the time, and having to get up every hour at night?

That has never been fun to me.

So why this title then? Well, apparently other people don’t like potty training either. And they invented the indoor dog potty.

For me, I was interested in two things, looking at these products.

Does it save me from cleaning up?

Does it save me from getting up every hour during the night?

Wizdog and Ugodog are some of the most innovative indoor potties available right now, so we want to see how they could make potty training fun. And how they compare to each other.

Dedicated indoor dog potties are easier to clean (both liquids and solids) and they contain the smell. Once you have trained your dog to use the indoor potty, you won’t have to get up every few hours at night to take him/her outside. And that makes the life of a puppy owner so much easier.

Now, which one should you be going for?

This is where the comparison starts to take shape as people don’t always know what route to go down.

Should they go with the Wizdog or Ugodog?


  1. Includes Two Fitted Removal Grates For Convenience
  2. Simple Clean Up
  3. Engineered Grates For Comfortable Experience
  4. Convex Shape Grid To Suit Paws

Benefits Of Ugodog


The primary benefit for the Ugodog has to be how comfortable this solution is. It is easy on the pet’s paws, and that is going to feel great. They will enjoy going to the pad, and that is positive reinforcement for the pet when they have to pee or poo.

Easy To Use

This is a critical benefit with Ugodog as it is easy to use. Pet owners who are going to be cleaning the pad will know this isn’t going to take a long time. It will work as needed and won’t get in the way.

This is what matters with a pad where you want your dog to rush in, do their business, and then you can clean things up as necessary.

Good Absorption

The absorption matters with urine as you don’t want things to become messy. With this pad, it can soak in right away and not let the urine create an unmanageable odor. It is important to look into absorption because that has a key role to play.


  1. Measures 21″ X 28″
  2. Made From Industrial Grade Polyethylene Plastic
  3. Made In USA
  4. Includes Fitted Honeycomb Grate

Benefits of Wizdog


It is spacious, and the dimensions are a big plus point for dog owners who have larger dogs. It does not get in the way of a room nor does it create issues where the pet misses.

This is key when it comes to a pad of this sort, and that is a significant benefit with its dimensions.

Easy To Clean

It is easy to clean, and that does hold importance for pet owners who have to take care of the Wizdog after their pet has relieved themselves. It doesn’t require daily cleansing, but a weekly disinfection session will help with bacteria.

This ensures the pad is usable in the long-run and provides good value as time goes on. The product is designed for proper results, and it does help the dog.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the best solution is the one that’s going to suit your needs.

The Wizdog is a great solution for those who want a large surface, but the Ugodog is far more comfortable when it comes to your dog and is going to prove to be easier to clean in the long-term.