Best Indestructible Dog Crate Pads

Kwinten Alexander
Sep 23, 2020

It might be the fact that you happen to be the proud owner of a dog and he is already an adorable member of your family. However, at times you must have found your pet to whip up his crate bed and this must have frustrated you. Perhaps your pet is exhibiting this behavior because of anxiety or monotony, but the fact is that the majority of the crate pads out there will not be able to endure such types of attacks. Consequently, the manufacturers are producing resilient and robust pads which happen to be chew proof as well. In fact, these types of indestructible dog crate pads will be a sensible choice in case you do not like to shell out your hard-earned cash on the replacement mats.

However, it will be quite tough to find a robust pad which happens to be 100% “chew proof”. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the most well-known indestructible pads are going to last much longer as compared to the regular ones out there.

4 Most In-Demand Indestructible Dog Crate Pads In 2019

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 5 in-demand crate pads on the market that will help you make a sensible decision.

1. K9 Ballistics TUFF Crate Pad

K9 Ballistics TUFF Crate Pad

This particular product will be your best choice in case you are planning to purchase the best quality crate pads available in the market. In fact, it is arguably the first choice for the majority of the dog owners on Amazon.

Being manufactured from top-quality materials, this pad is 100% guaranteed of resisting even the toughest chewer out there. As a matter of fact, your dog will hate to chew on this product thanks to the comfort provided by it. This astounding K9 Ballistics TUFF Crate Pad has been manufactured from its personal proprietary 1680 denier Ripstop Ballistic Nylon. This helps to make the product quite resilient such that it will not be possible for your pooch to chew through it.

Therefore, when it comes to the materials, this pad will definitely hold the first position on the market. But what about the level of comfort it provides? In fact, this pad is packed with thick polyester stuffing which aids in providing it with a plump shape. It will likewise aid in cushioning your pet against the bottom of the crate thus offering a level of comfort similar to that of the dog beds.

Apart from these positive aspects, another other notable feature of this product is that it is extremely easy to clean and wash. Being similar to that of canvas, the material allows any foreign object as well as dirt to slide off easily. In fact, you can simply make use of a wet towel to clean the product in case you do not have adequate time to spare. On some occasions, you can even use the washing machine for cleaning this crate pad.

Moreover, you will find this hugely popular pad in as many as 7 different sizes such that you will never run out of choice.

Why we recommend it: The K9 Ballistics TUFF Crate Pad has the power to resist even the toughest chewer out there. It is extremely resilient and your pet will find it impossible to chew through it. Moreover, it is packed with thick polyester stuffing which helps to make it extremely comfortable as well. Also, you will not find it difficult to clean this product. Check price here.

The Pros:

  • Extremely comfy and resilient.
  • Can be cleaned and washed easily.

The Cons:

  • The design is rather simple, although effective.

2. Mud River Crate Cushion

Mud River Crate Cushion

Another cutting-edge and immensely-strong crate pad happens to be the Mud River Crate Cushion. Being amongst the most resilient crate pads for canines ever, it provides optimum comfort as well as durability against even the most stubborn of chewers out there. The product has been manufactured from the revolutionary Heavy Duty 122D Nylon having an industrial grade bottom. As a matter of fact, this breathtaking pad has been reviewed multiple times on Amazon and most of them have spoken highly about it.

Your pooch is going to fall in love with this crate pad and therefore you might even find it difficult to separate him from this extremely comfy stuff. Besides this, in case your dog happens to be a regular chewer, he will find it quite difficult to chew through this heavy-duty material as well.

This product offers remarkable resilience and comfort which will help it to stay ahead in the competition. When it comes to cleaning, it is good to know that you will not find it difficult to clean and also dry it.

Why we recommend it: The Mud River Crate Cushion comes with an industrial grade bottom. It provides optimum comfort and your pet will not find it easy to chew through it thanks to the heavy-duty material. Check price here.

The Pros:

  • The material is of top quality.

The Cons:

  • Can become hot during the summer months.

3. K&H Manufacturing Memory Foam Crate Pad

K&H Manufacturing Memory Foam Crate Pad

Despite the fact that this product finds the third place in this comprehensive list, this does not imply that it is an inferior pad by any means. Being manufactured from top-quality materials, this indestructible dog crate pad will surely deliver the goods. Apart from being resilient, it’ll provide an optimum level of comfort to your loving pet as well.

We have included this product in this list because of the fact that it will not lose its shape even after being used for an extensive period of time. And this very aspect helps it to get so many positive reviews on Amazon and other reliable online sites. In case you’d like to go for this item, it will be sensible for you to compare the other pooch beds within the identical range. Every single crate pad comes with a specific purpose. They feature the crate pad which aids in regulating the smell produced by the regular dog pads out there. Besides this, it likewise comes with an innovative self-warming pad which makes it ideal for usage even during the cold winter months. The pad is also available in as many as 6 different sizes.

Why we recommend it: The K&H Manufacturing Memory Foam Crate Pad is made from a top-quality material and provides maximum level of comfort to your pet. It has many positive reviews from dog owners and features a cutting-edge self-warming pad which makes it appropriate for usage during the winter season as well. Check price here.

The Pros:

  • Manufactured from top-quality materials
  • Different pads are available for different purposes

The Cons:

  • Might become quite hot during the warm summer months.

4. GoDog Bed Bubble Bolster featuring Chew Guard Technology

GoDog Bed Bubble Bolster featuring Chew Guard Technology

This product is somewhat inexpensive as compared to the other similar items on the market. However, in spite of its affordable cost, the pad will live up to the expectations whatsoever. It has been manufactured using the innovative “Chew Guard Technology” provided by the company itself. It is highly effective in preventing tearing thanks to the internal mesh which is attached to the cover. Apart from this, it has reinforced seams as well.

However, you might not get the desired results in case it is required to withstand moderate or heavy chewing. It simply is not that strong. Nevertheless, it will serve better as compared to a regular mat in preventing light chewing plus digging.

Amongst other notable features provided by this item, mention may be made of an innovative machine washable layout, a lucrative 1-month replacement guaranty, as well as the presence of bolsters for providing additional comfort. Another important feature is that the product comes with a non-skid bottom as well as which will help to enhance the safety of the pooches to a great extent.

Why we recommend it: This product is comparatively affordable and will still deliver the goods. The presence of the innovative internal mesh helps to prevent any tearing by your pet. Besides this, it comes with a machine washable design and the company provides a lucrative one-month replacement guaranty as well. Check price here.

The Pros:

  • The presence of bolsters for providing additional comfort
  • Comes with an internal mesh which helps to enhance the resilience of the product
  • Is machine washable
  • Is comparatively affordable as compared to most of the other similar products on the market

The Cons:

  • Is ideal only for the light chewers and not for the moderate or heavy ones
  • Is not as powerful as the other products mentioned in this list

Important Features and How We Picked This List

It is a fact that the regular mats on the market are quite soft as well as comfy, but they are made from cotton or microfiber. As a result, it is possible for most of the canines to easily tear them apart.

On the contrary, the mats which happen to be “chew proof” are manufactured from stronger materials like canvas or nylon. Some of them come with water-resistant covers for enhancing the resilience.

Although these beds happen to be quite strong, they are not unchewable. Because of this, they usually receive poor ratings from the dog owners.

Though many mats use the term ‘chew proof’, the more precise term will be ‘chew resistant’. These are able to endure mild or moderate chewing; however, they will not be able to withstand any serious assault from an agressive dog.

This implies that it will be essential to have realistic expectations. A completely indestructible mat should not be your expectation. In fact, you need to go for one which is more resistant to chewing as compared to the others. We have mentioned several features in the following paragraphs that will help you to choose a good product:

Potent cover along with rip-stop fabric – In case your pet has a habit of chewing, you must refrain from using microfiber and cotton covers. Instead, go for canvas, ballistic nylon, or denim covers. Other features like rip-stop fabric or a strong mesh which will prevent the holes from getting bigger could be useful.

Reinforced Seams – Once a hole is made in a seam by a pooch, it will be very easy for him to tear apart the whole bed into pieces. It will be a sensible idea to go for a bed with top-quality construction as well as reinforced seams so as to prevent this from happening.

Hidden Velcro or Zippers – Dogs like to chew zippers as well as Velcro tabs. In fact, the crate pads which are chew resistant come with considered zippers or no zipper at all.

However, strength is not the only aspect that needs to be considered here. It is important for the pad to feel comfy, be of the correct size for the crate, and also reasonably priced. It should likewise come with a machine washable layout. Nobody will go for a bed that cannot be washed.


The majority of the crate mats out there are not able to handle digging or chewing. As a result, most of them will not last long in case your pooch is aggressive in nature. While you will not come across any 100% indestructible crate pad at present, there are definitely several durable options which will be able to endure mild or moderate digging or chewing.

  • The K9 Ballistics TUFF Crate Pad is going to be our first choice when it comes to moderate or mild chewers. It comes with a water resistant design and happens to be a robust pad as well.
  • The GoDog Bed Bubble Bolster crate pad is appropriate for the mild chewers on a budget. The presence of a non-slid bottom will help any canine to remain safe.

Let us hope that this above-mentioned article will help you to make a sensible decision when it comes to purchasing a decent crate pad. There are also other similar products on the market which you might consider as well.